Locking - Up Services

Our renowned Samson Lock Up service is quickly becoming a necessity for many businesses who want peace of mind when it comes to ensuring that their site has been fully secured.

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Remote Open / Close

As opposed to simply relying on traditional methods whereby an appointed staff member is responsible for locking up the property at the end of the day and opening the next morning, clients can now pass on the responsibly to us through the use of remote open and close.

Performed by our fully qualified control room personnel, located within our maximum security Alarm Receiving Centre/Remote Video Response Centre (ARC/RVRC), aka ‘The Vaults’, clients can reap the many benefits of remote open and close services – these being lone worker issues eradicated, cost savings and carbon footprint reduced as no vehicle attendance or transport is necessary. 

Manual Open / Close

Those wanting a physical presence when locking up can opt to appoint a mobile supervisor who will visit the site during the end of the day and ensure that the building has been vacated and on form prior to securing the site. During this time the supervisor will patrol and check the entire venue, checking that all window and doors are closed and any unnecessary electrical equipment is switched off. They will then set the security alarm, lock all doors and leave before returning the following morning to open the premises ahead of the arrival of staff members. 

Ideal for businesses that have multiple sites or operate during unsocial hours, manual lock open/close alleviates the pressure of locking up your properties, as well as offering a more efficient means.