Mobile Alarm Response

With security and peace of mind being the top of our agenda, we are proud to have invested both time and development into our specialist response team, ‘City Net Patrol’ which consists of a fleet of uniformed officers equipped with Samson Security CCTV fitted vehicles. On hand to administer various high security duties, the officers are able to deliver fast intruder and key holder response duties, together with pre-arranged and random site checks.

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Our mobile alarm response team is also linked to our Alarm Receiving Centre/Remote Video Response Centre (ARC/RVRC), also known as ‘The Vaults’, whereby staff members are in constant communication with one another to ensure that the team is fully informed of real-time occurrences.

Likewise, the team is linked with the three emergency services so that situations can be dealt with quickly and proactively should further assistance be required. 

To compliment our key holder services, we are able to provide immediate access to check sites if a situation arises. However, if a client is a key holder we still act on this to offer a physical presence if required. By providing a mobile response service of such high calibre, clients will be presented with a fast and reliable service that offers both a personable and professional approach. Whether the clients prefer to take full advantage of the mobile response service as a cost effective alternative to static guards, or as a heightened means of security, the service can be tailored around them to meet specific guarding requirements.

In line with our extensive list of technological advancements, all of our designated response vehicles are fitted out with wireless CCTV cameras, which transmit quality images to ‘The Vaults’ through the use of 3G/4G. Likewise, our mobile supervisors don professional headcams, which also convey imagery to the Alarm Receiving Centre/Remote Video Response Centre (ARC/RVRC).